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296. Holy…

What is holy for a human? The holy for every single human, is that truth which hides inside every single human; about whom that is, where it comes from and what is the meaning with every single human’s life. This is the most valuable for every human, which is the cause for, that oneself exists. Where does this spirit inside the humans come from? That is the mystery all humans know that has to exist one place, but where that place is; is something they never will find the answer to, for that is a secret only that one which know that, knows about. And which one that one is; will no one at any time get to know.

January 16, 2021, David H. Hegg

297. What evil is

Now I have thought of writing some few words about why the evil is the enemy of the good. The evil is the enemy of the good because it is the best friend of the good to be its enemy. That is because the good is the best helper of the evil in everything which the evil want to get carried out and done.

This has to do with our social nature and its natural behavior which is to be a whole society and not divided ethnic groups, races, social classes and the like. This natural behavior is what we can call the whole nature of the human spirit.

This short text is only a few words to begin to come out of the deadlocked hopelessness it is to not understand what evil is.

February 15, 2021, David H. Hegg

298. About Nora

Her I want to write a few words about Nora; who is the woman who found out everything about what this crime which uses “influences” as its method, is.

Nora has all her life never been anything else than an ordinary human here in the world who her whole life has wanted the good against the evil which she already as a child understood that was the most important for all people who wanted to take away the evil from the world to find out about what could be. Because of that she has her whole long life been willing to do whatever it could be to really find out about why something as evil as the Second World War could happen in this otherwise so peaceful magnificent creation as she would have said that the whole world is. With that has everything which is needed to be said about Nora for ever been written down and finished for ever.

February 21, 2021, David H. Hegg

299. What I believe in

Just now I sat and thought about everything, which has happened with me, regarding all of this; which has to do with the crime with these “influences”. There have been many years. It is correct to say that it has been since 1986, and that is now 35 years. In all these years I have been focused on what is inside my mind, that has been ever day these 35 years. Because of this, I have learned to understand much about my inner mind and how it works. That is because of what has happened with me. Just now I thought about, that what I believe in, that is; that this hadn’t been possible for a human to manage, it is something which we humans call God, or something similar, which has made this possible for me to manage. No human could have managed to come through this like I have done, that is completely impossible.

March 7, 2021, David H. Hegg

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